Logic, mathematics and programming always go hand in hand.

I thought this advanced course for those know programming but love logic and mathematics challenges. If you are particularly curious and you like riddles, you only need to know the fundamentals of computing to engage in these challenges. If you need to comb through some aspect of the programming world, you can browse in the fundamentals of programming.

You can find The original English version of the riddles on projecteuler.net. I have freely translated and interpreted them. You can check if your code is correct by executing it directly on the riddle page. You can compare the result of your program with the correct one and improve it by resolving the bugs that inevitably occur when you program.

It could happen that the code you wrote is correct, but its execution takes too long. In this case, if it exceeds 5 seconds, you will need to find a way to use caching techniques or rethink the logic of the program so that it optimizes loops and memory.

Each riddle has an example of input and output that allows you to better understand the track. Input is a JSON object that will be imported into your program, giving you immediate access to the variables you define.

Are you curious to begin? Do you feel ready to solve them all?

Start with the Riddle #1

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