Subtitle: And that only they understand?

It’s not that easy being a programmer. They write source code all day long, debugging all night passing through thousands of lines of code, trying to eliminate all the bugs before moving from the staging to the production version. Sometimes they need a friend who understands their difficulties. The same can be said of their jokes.

I’ve collected some jokes that can make you better understand a programmer’s sense of humor. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them all, you can always have them explained by a programmer.

There are two types of programmers

  1. if () {
  2. if ()

Who is the programmer?

  1. A machine that transforms coffee into source code.
  2. A person who solves a problem you didn’t think you had in a way you don’t understand.
  3. A person who, if he does not find problems to solve, creates them and then solves them.
  4. A person who meets you for the first time tells you, “Hello World”.
  5. A person who, looking at a half-filled glass, finds neither half-full nor half-empty, but simply twice as large as necessary.
  6. Anyone who does not consider women as objects, but as belonging to a class of their own.

What is an algorithm

The word used by a programmer when he doesn’t want to explain what he’s done.

What is hardware?

The part of the computer that you can kick.

What is inheritance

The way it has an object-oriented language to become rich.

Where is the place programmers spend the most of their time?

The Foo Bar.

What’s the difference between an introverted nerd and an extroverter?

The extroverts when he talks to you looks at your shoes.

How do I distinguish HTML from HTML 5?

Try it on Internet Explorer. If It doesn’t work it’s HTML 5.

How do you recognize a programmer while playing hide and seek?

Start counting from 0.

If Chuck Norris were a programmer, he could

  1. Write source code that optimizes itself.
  2. Write source code without ever going to the head.
  3. Make screenshots of the Blue Windows error screen.
  4. Sleep at night and go out on weekends.

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