… you never forget.

I do not know about you, but I remember how it was yesterday the day when I picked up a computer in the laboratory of Computer Science of High School Buttons and I opened Borland Delphi 7 and I set to program in Object Pascal.

Back with memory in those days is a bit like remembering the first kiss. I remember that I opened a program already semi-worked by my Prof. of physics, Sergio Chiodo, a furious madman as Monty would say.

Had developed a program from the name Sinks the conic a funny – only for a lover of Descartes – game that combines the idea of naval battle with the curves deriving from equations of second degree on the Cartesian plane, called conics. The game consists of firing a torpedo in the form of a Cartesian equation of first degree – a straight line – to your opponent, who will respond by communicating the coordinates where he was hit, that is where the line has crossed the conics (ellipses, parables and hyperbolas) which he had previously draw on the plane, as well as the you draw ships.

In the absence of an opponent – it is not easy to find a companion of mathematical games, is it? – you can also have fun against the computer.

A mixed sensation

I admit that at first it was a mixed sensation, among the euphoria of being able to control a machine by transmitting my impulses as letters and the inability to understand more than half of the things that were written there.

Procedures, functions, variables. All with strange names and mysterious properties.

See at a very first glance the source code of a working program and being able to can change it was exciting. That’s why I decided to create, in addition to the riddle section where if you like the challenges you can test your skills, even the mathematics section, where you can take inspiration from functions and programs already set and edit them to your liking.

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