If you want to start working with a professional remotely, or with a communication and marketing agency, the most important thing to keep in mind is to agree first on what you need to do together.

There is nothing more ugly than being in the middle of one’s work and discovering that the customer actually imagined anything but spending time arguing about who is right rather than concentrating on the work to be done.

The contract

In a contract it is important to specify not only what is required by both parties, but what the tolerance thresholds are and what happens if they are not respected.

The goal of the SLAs

The ultimate goal of SLAs is not to go into question and terminate the contract, but to punish conduct resulting from default in order to avoid it. Delays in deliveries, articles of the contract that are not respected and incorrect working methods can be sanctioned. Whatever you know for sure, as an entrepreneur, you will not tolerate.


It leaves only a margin of chanche of error, because we are all human and there are also errors due to unforeseeable facts. Remember that the goal is not to terrorize your collaborator, but to motivate them to respect the terms of your agreement.

Progressive sanctions

Finally, think of a consequence that is appropriate to the contract stipulated if the SLAs are not respected. You can do it even gradually, so that there is a progression of the sanction depending on whether the fact is repeated and its seriousness. If you work with a one-hour contract, for example, you could add free hours as a penalty to those already agreed. Or you could think of a deduction of the amount due or a delay in payments.

Why SLAs are also useful for professionals

All this seems useful only for the company. Instead it is also for the professional, who knows for sure what makes the customer nervous and what is more tolerant. All that is agreed upon before makes the working relationship more relaxed and opens up the possibility for lasting collaborations.

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