There are many ways to see the order in the Universe. Yours is …

From what emerges you can understand a little what type you are.

Why order

Those who enter this world immediately notice it but do not understand why. Those who have been programming for years cannot get out of their personal order. But why?

Answering the second question is much more difficult: it has to do with the comfort zone that each of us carves out in his own world, as well as the balance that allows us to obtain the best performances at the minimum mental consumption: one-word efficiency. All information is well placed in mind drawers to be reused as soon as it is needed. This avoids the most common errors that occur when data is not well-structured. And then aesthetics: every programmer is an artist and a beauty lover, too. Everything he does is a creation, as abstract as it may seem. And a bad thing, when you look again, you don’t appreciate it in the same way as a well-done thing.

Why is it often misunderstood for those who venture into this world, so much so as to be the first point on which we need to insist that new programmers pay attention? Because the first approach to programming is that of a child in front of a new toy: he disassembles, licks, and throws it. Have you ever seen a child who picks up a game, cleans it and reads the rules written – apart from the fact that I also do never even read them, too – ? And when he’s finished playing, does he put it back in his place? I did see only the son of a friend of mine and, in fact, I am surprised every time I see him.

If you have just started programming don’t lose heart: you will understand the importance of the order and you will be the one to claim it from others. Just give yourself a few years.

They give you the willies

Reading the source codes written by other programmers is often chills.

It is true that experience teaches us, laziness is often not helpful at the beginning, just as if you happen to work with your boss or customers, you do not always have the patience to pull up a nice MVC or indenting code as God commands.

We were born perfect a little. And what other colleagues do, we would have done differently anyway – better.

So why not take out your sacrosanct perfection on these lines of code that I found here and there on the web? Write in the comments everything that hurts you and that you would have done differently.

function color() {
	ogg = document.getElementById('ogg1');
  	v = ogg.innerHTML;
  	//I change the color
  	if (v == "green") { = "green"; 
    } else if(v == "yellow") {
  = "yellow";   
    } else if(v == "blue") {
  = "blue";   
  	//I create the counter
  	for (i = 1; i < 10; i++) {
    setTimeout(function() {
          ogg.innerHTML += "..." + i;
        }, 1000);

window.onload = color();
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