Have you always wanted to learn to program but you don't have time? Whether you study or work you know very well that the hours that remain in a day to devote to learn something new is always very limited. The tiredness then of the end of the day does not help.

Meet the new course

From a young age they taught us one thing, which we always forget. In Fact two things: you always learn a little at a time and you learn much better by playing.

Here no one wants to be the world champion in programming or computer science and compete with Bill Gates. We just Want to understand this Matrix that appears to us every time we look at a programmer's screen. Have you ever been behind one of them while You are doing your job? It Seems to plunge with Neo in that world so impossible to understand that makes us think that only those who are crazy or have some wheel out of place can handle. But What has a programmer in his head?

Is it difficult to program?

Funny thing is, it's not like that at all. It Is much more difficult to learn any other language, even learn English, than to learn to program. Foreign Languages and programming languages have many aspects in common: they have their own syntax, that is the set of rules that makes it possible to create the sentence, they have the words, that is the word that make up the sentence and have a logical and context component that causes That writing a line of code like a sentence in one place or another completely changes its meaning.

Don't you believe it? Then think about this. Get the PHP, acronym for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. The syntax of PHP has no exceptions and has a number of words less than a tenth of any language. In This blog you can find the basic elements of programming in PHP.

You Can say that you learned to program when…

You Can say that you learned to program when you know:

  • What is a variable?
  • What are data types
  • What does it mean to assign a value to a variable
  • What are the main arithmetic operators (this surely you should already know if you did mathematics)
  • What is a function
  • How to call a function
  • How to define a function
  • What is the return value of a function
  • What is a condition
  • What are the main logical operators
  • What is a cycle
  • Manage IO (input and output)

Well, that's it? Yes, that's the base of the language. As any language can be refined and spoken by a native speaker. But This certainly does not diminish everyone who knows how to speak and who are born in other countries of the world.

The Logic in programming

And then there's logic. That is not taught but can only be practiced. And here we come at the beginning of our talk. What is the fastest way to learn how to program? A Little at a time and playing.

I Am preparing a game dedicated to all those who have never written a line of code and who have always wanted to understand something of this world that only seems to be complicated. A game based on puzzles, logic and programming. And especially an interactive game.

Start reading from here. If you want to start programming from scratch, you're on the right track.

And Remember, "How do you eat a whale?"

Learn to Program

What programming language do I choose?

Difficult Question. Do you have another?

Choosing A programming language is a bit like figuring out what high school you wanted to do when you were going to junior high, or which university (or worse as graduation) to undertake the last year of secondary school. They are personal choices, dictated by a thousand factors, some even very subjective, like the taste.

If They ask you, do you Prefer French or English? Perhaps you would say that English is better known so it is worth studying it because it is talked about all over the world, especially in the business, in the tourist and commercial world. And then it's simple, with a few exceptions and practically no conjudations (the verb "can" has always been my favorite, without even the s to add). But If you go out with a girl and you want to impress her, isn't it much better to whisper in her ear a few words in French?

Among the most popular programming languages is PHP, Python, C++, Java, Javascript (which are two very different things despite the similar name), .NET (it reads dot NET), each with different popularity, complexity and usage.

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