Want to try programming in PHP?

Programming is a trip made of trial and error. You Don't know the right answer as long as you don't try to write.

If You do not know exactly which way to start and you are curious about nature, find out what are the basic rules to learn how to program in PHP.

Thanks to Codemirror you can write the source code in PHP and immediately test its execution in the shell. Press run when you're ready. PHP is a server-side language and needs a compiler to first be executed. Your code is running on my server, do not destroy me, I recommend.

Write your PHP code here

Watch the Loops

A loop is an infinite loop that forces the program to run endlessly, without any way out. This causes a processor lock that runs due to the exhaustion of available CPU resources. There is No way to cure a loop. As the most serious unfortunes, we must try to prevent them.

a loop