I was born in 1989 in Milan.

I grew up near the Park of the Villa Scheibler. Even in the Park very often. The bond we feel with Nature and with Science always begins as children. It’S like trauma, but with positive effects.

Park of the Villa Scheibler

I studied at the Scientific high School Piero Bottoni. In eighth grade They were all in doubt as to which high school to choose, I didn’t. It was only in the fifth superior that I understood why it is better to have doubts first.

They Say High School is always appreciated after. As Soon as the time comes I’ll tell you.

High School Scientific Piero Bottoni

I attended a year of Computer Engineering at the University of Pavia. Left for an electronic exam in which they wanted me to use the complex numbers in the calculations and even replace the numbers to reckon with the calculator. Of the 4 multiple replies for each question there was not a single result that vaguely resembled mine.

I graduated with 102 on 110 in Security Systems and Computer Networks at the University of Milan. The only thing I’m sure of is that my Big Data thesis in the Pharma World was a lot of fun.

University of Milan

I started working at the age of 19 years in a communications agency in Milan, New!, where I stayed for 5 years as Web Developer, IT Manager and R&D Digital.

I worked for 1 year press IIS Consulting, a company specialized in the development of mobile Apps, as Programmer Analyst and Javascript Application Developer.

I worked for 1 year at Mekko, International communications agency, as Web Manager and Web Developer and IT Manager.

Currently I am Digital Manager at Guna Spa, a leading Italian pharmaceutical company in the field of production and distribution of homeopathic drugs and dietary supplements.

Guna Spa


Everything that is part of the 5 elements excitme me.

I am a fan of Paragliding and VDS pilot since 2013. I was a pupil at the AeroClub Monte Cornizzolo.

Paragliding at Castelluccio di Norcia in 2015, before the earthquake
Paraglining at Cornizzolo: SIV

I am a sailboat enthusiast and I got a nautical licence in 2012 at the Harbour office of Genoa.

I’ve been playing classical guitar since I was 6 years old. It helps me get rid of my thoughts in the evenings when I get home from work.